Our company is also committed to bringing the best and most affordable rates for air conditioning, pumps, and heating installation and repair in Los Angeles and Northridge area.

Such service covers a range of heating and cooling systems including HVAC, floor and furnace heater, heat pumps, evaporator coils, fan coils, and mini split systems.

When you sleep at night, or leave for work-and your central a/c and heating system is running-it is either heating or cooling the entire home.

Some homeowners seek “peace of mind” from these home warranty policies, however, in most cases are let down by the responses that are given when actual warranty claims arise.

We seek to provide you confidence to face the scorching days ahead.

We are here to help you to cool your home with confidence.

Even though you can legally buy these kits in the Home Improvement Stores, Lisenced Plumbers will refuse to install them because they are illegal according to Plumbing Code.

Heating contractors are professionals who have the required licenses and have undergone training that makes them qualified to work on ventilation and air conditioning systems.

At staycoolsocal Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, you can expect expert service from our team of professionals who have accumulated years of HVAC experience and top level training.

They also receive regular training allowing them to discharge their duties while observing the highest standards of professionalism.

All this can be prevented with the help of a regular tune up.

Whether you need an emergency HVAC repair, regular maintenance, or a new installation, we have the expertise and high-end equipment needed to get the job done right.

We get the job done right the first time to eliminate recurring expenses and give you peace of mind.

An HVAC system is a machine like any other and needs periodic love and care.

Avoid like the plague.

But like any other equipment, these appliances require timely repair and servicing to run smoothly.

A home that needs AC repairs going into the summer sounds like a nightmare!

Well after many years of running my A/c without any maintenance it broke down on a nice hot summer day.

The HVAC contractor says dirty filters cut down on its life expectancy and increase the chance of needing a costly air conditioning or furnace repair.

For units that are 10 years or older, general wear-and-tear can cause some inner parts to break down which disrupts the overall functionality of the system, causing it to malfunction from time to time or completely stop operating.

While the technician is doing the check up, parts that are showing signs of distress, overuse, or common wear and tear will be replaced to prevent damaging its overall functionality.

Likewise, during those hot and humid California summers, your home should be outfitted with a dependable air conditioning system to keep you cool throughout the warmest parts of the day and night.

We have been servicing California residents for more than 40 years, providing quality HVAC repairs and unparalleled dedication to make every home and office comfortable and relaxing.

We are more than just an air conditioning & heating company.

We accept residential and commercial repair for all types of air conditioning units and heating systems for customers in Los Angeles, Northridge, Moorpark, Newhall, Hidden Hills, and nearby areas of California.

Customer service, honesty and quality workmanship are our business’s foundations, and we have grown from our original location in Santa Clarita, California to have service locations in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and parts of Orange County.

Careful records and the use of original parts are good indicators as to the quality of previous repairs.

Once our technicians arrive, they will immediately look at the trouble and inform you if you would need any special parts for the broken or malfunctioning unit.

These are serious conditions that could ultimately lead to the unit to stop working completely.

These are just basic guidelines, but many suffering homeowners forget to ask these questions in their rush to get service.

Make sure that an HVAC technician is properly licensed by your state and meets all the basic requirements for doing business in your state.

Find the right fit for your home with the help of an expert technician.

It should be fun, relaxing, and comfortable especially while at your own home.

A central HVAC is also known as a split system because the condenser unit is outdoors while the evaporator coil is indoors.

Efficiency is the key to a long-lasting, energy-saving unit.

All these are signs that you need to have your unit checked by a professional repair company.

Our customers can trust and depend on our company to provide the expertise they need for a professional installation or repair of a central air conditioning system or furnace unit.

Central air conditioners are efficient in cooling both large and small rooms within the house or office with the use of supply and return ducts.

There are two types of centralized air conditioners to choose from, depending on its compatibility to your cooling needs.

There are a variety of commercial HVAC systems available to keep your Northern California business cool during the summer.

While our heating season certainly pales in comparison to the intensity of our summer heat, you are still going to find that temperatures fall below comfortable levels from time to time.

When you are calling prospective air conditioning and heating companies, be sure to ask for references.

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