Using Extended Warranties

furnace repair las vegas – your gas line is not grounded In order for me to meet the RV parks needs I ended up paying out about 5 grand on the turbo-charger to get it going before time ran out. 6 gauge copper wire connected to the pipes and going into your electrical box or […]

Regular Maintenance Reduces Heating Repair Costs

When companies are not too busy fixing heaters, they may be apt to offer a discount on the price, which would not be likely in the winter, when they are busiest. If your water bill suddenly takes an unexpected leap and you have ruled out the toilet and other visible leaks as sources, you may […]

Installing A Programmable Thermostat To Save On Your Energy Bills

Many of these devices can actually keep your home or business on a consistent temperature schedule. A thermostat can help the air conditioning system in your Augusta, GA, home or business maintain an even temperature. A cycling event involves a radio signal that is sent to your programmable thermostat in an effort to save energy […]

Looking for a way to finance your A/C purchase?