Heating? In Los Angeles? Outsiders might be surprised but born and bred Angelenos know how chilly the temperatures can get on long winter nights. A fully equipped heating system helps keep indoor temperatures warm and comfortable no matter how unpredictable the weather may be outside. The furnace is an important component of the home, but only if it is working properly.

At Stay Cool SoCal, we are experts in furnace sales, repair, and installation. We install, service, and repair a variety of heating equipment, including furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits. Our services include furnace inspection, repair, maintenance, cleanings, and tune-ups. We respond promptly to all emergency and service calls to get your furnace working properly once again so you can sleep soundly. All of our furnace repair technicians are fully qualified and licensed to perform HVAC repair service.

Let’s Warm Up, LA!

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Furnace Sales

Does your home need a new furnace? Would you like to upgrade to a more powerful, energy efficient model? We carry and service furnaces and other heating equipment from the leading names in HVAC products. Come talk to us and we’ll recommend a furnace that is most suited to your household needs and budget.

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Furnace Repair

Has your furnace stopped working? Does it keep shutting on and off? Is there a problem with the exhaust? Is the thermostat not responsive? No matter the issue, we can take care of it. We’ve fixed countless furnaces and HVAC systems for homeowners in the LA-area and we can do a comprehensive inspection of your system to pinpoint the problem and solve it once and for all.

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Heat Pumps

In the summer, a heat pump can be used to pull hot air from a room to effectively cool it to a comfortable temperature. In the winter heat pumps can be used for opposite effect, pulling heat from outside to warm your home. Heat pumps are very efficient devices that use very little energy to warm your home. Heat pumps are very suited to the mild winters we see here in Los Angeles County. We sell, repair, and install heat pumps – just give us a call to learn more.


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