Window units typically come rated at 7 to 9 S.E.E.R., and are FAR less efficient than a central heating and air system.

Monday comes and I’m away at work, I had my dad take a few hours off work so he can let them in to start at 9am. At 10am my dad let’s me know, no one has come yet. Once all of this is complete, you can call the HVAC contractor that you lined up and have him finish the installation.

They also handle Well and Sewer Repair or Installation.

Thank you so much for your business and for any referrals as well as this positive review. We appreciate your business and your referrals!

Not fair to this business owner to receive bad reviews when someone is using a similar name making cold calls on a Sunday.

The ONLY reason we were having problems was the contractor for the home had hired some jackleg persons who had no business installing even a simple system do the install though.

When the service repairman came to her home, he told his mother that the warranty did not include the materials for the multiple problems he found. It’s unfortunate that we have been mistaken multiple times for this california home services company.

I had to follow up multiple times after he agreed to do the job for a set price, oddly each time I did he’s tried to get me to increase the set price since he wanted more.

He will waste your time, and then cancel the job after wasting weeks of your time.

Heating & Air Conditioning facts

It’s difficult to plan for when things will break, let alone when it’s 100 degree outside, but with an immediate response and diagnosis we were back up and running in no time.

Without doing appropriate planning and research, a plumber will not be financially successful nor will he or she have a good reputation!

What he isn’t good at, is actually showing up and doing the job.

My system is almost 20 years old and I will be needing a new system soon and I will defiantly use California Heating & Air Conditioning for the job!

California Heating & Air Conditioning

We had initially contacted Nathan of California Heating and Air Conditioning shortly after the Labor Day weekend when our AC unit leaked into our home.

I was contacted by an elderly gentleman that told me that he had recently needed his attic ventilation fan serviced.

The owner thought that was the only way he could get the fan serviced and gave the electrician the requested cash.

He said that the fan had been squealing and was driving him crazy.

Please do let us know if you do have any other HVAC needs and we will be sure to get you taken care of.

I only refer professionals I trust and that I know will provide top notch service.

I have been retained as an expert witness for cases where young, well educated professionals such as doctors and attorneys have been scammed by contractors. I have never had such a good experience!

Sometime, you have had not good experience due to improper or delayed services.

Thanks again Nathan and your helpful wife Heather for a great experience.

Nathan is great at letting you know he knows his stuff about hvac and how he will take care of you, and have it done right.

You know that faucet outside of your house that provides a hook-up for a hose?

Ok, so you know which system you want, you found a licensed contractor to handle the technical tasks, you know what he’ll charge you, and you checked him out. A friendly con man contractor is just the sort of companionship that they are looking for.

These systems are altogether above the norm in many, many ways.

In fact, there are some brands that are specifically targeted to do-it-yourselfers (you don’t see this with traditional air-conditioning systems).

In the State of California, the blanket insurance company still retains responsibility for any contracted services, even if they are out of state.

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