You will find rather few unknown technicians in the San Diego heating and air conditioning marketplace.

We are proud to provide air conditioning and heating service, installation and repair. Whether an AC component needs repair or replacement, air ducts need sealing, or even a new air conditioning system is advisable, we will determine the source of the problem and provide you with an expert HVAC solution. HVAC platforms typically sit about 3 feet above the roof and the roofing material wraps up vertically to cover the platform.

Our Carrier HVAC maintenance plan will keep your system running at peak performance while saving you money by preventing breakdowns, extending the life of your equipment, and reducing energy costs. Our ductwork installation, replacement, and repair services in Duarte will not only improve your level of comfort, but also save you money over time. Refrigerator repair man, they sent me was not real repair guy.

He sent out an AC tech, Miguel, to troubleshoot. Not only do our service technicians investigate the A/C unit thoroughly, but they also check out your furnace, ductwork, and the electrical source. For example, if your A/C unit is working, but little cold air is coming out of the registers, we will thoroughly investigate the ductwork. I feel like I have truly found someone that will be honest if I have an A/C or heating problem. We have the awards and customer reviews to support our firm belief that you will find our air conditioning service more professional, caring, friendly, and affordable than most other AC service contractors.

First of all I want to Thank Harry and his team for doing an excellent job and providing great service and support. Issac was very polite, professional and clean while explaining what he was doing.

Nice clean work, great crew. After working with Miguel, it’s clear that Harry runs a clean shop and doesn’t do what so many AC folks do (scare clients and deceive them to get bigger jobs). These are just basic guidelines, but many suffering homeowners forget to ask these questions in their rush to get service.

We are a Heating & Air Conditioning Service, Repair & Installation company. Emailed them regarding a repair question for my portable AC, and they got back to me very quickly with a very knowledgeable response, along with great suggestions. He was earlier, very knowledge and just great customer service. Great guy and great business.

I was thrilled to discover this local and family owned business who is HONEST and incredibly nice. I would highly recommend this company for your business. For nearly 10 years, our company has served residential and commercial customers. Our older commercial 3 door refrigerator was freezing. He made additional recommendations for part replacements and made a follow up visit to ensure the refrigerator was working properly. I just had a visit from John of CaAir. Harry came early and looked at what the issue was and John completed the work very quickly. I would definitely call Cal air conditioning again and I’ll ask for John for sure.

California Comfort Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning (CALCOMS) is a full service Commercial & Residential HVAC Contractor and System Performance Specialist in Brea and Southern California.

The latest heating and cooling technology can cost as little as half as much to run as an older HVAC system. I would highly recommend Miguel for anyone in need of any HVAC services! Do need a new installation? In fact, our professionals provide service for most makes and models as well as free estimates for our installation services. Initial and installation costs are surely a factor, as is the climate you live in. We only offer AC systems and water heaters that are energy efficient, quiet, reliable, durable and guaranteed. There are so many plumbing systems and fixtures within a home or office. Usually there are several factors in play with inconsistent temperatures in a home. Unfortunately, there are many people in the world who lack these basic commodities. Partnered with the AARP, the American Association of Retired People serves close to 40 million members. Thus, people can take a decision confidently.

If we can keep our customers happy and satisfied, then so are we. You’ll find that companies that can keep a schedule are going to be much better to work with. We’ve also earned two of the most prestigious awards in the industry, the Carrier President’s Award and the Bryant Medal of Excellence, which can only be earned by demonstrating a strong commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

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