We only use the latest, most advanced HVAC equipment approved by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institution.

The program is designed to provide hands-on experience with HVAC equipment.

There is a wide range of issues you could experience with your air conditioner.

Today, there are fairly a few traditional heating systems to look for your residential and commercial premises.

There are many different plumbing systems. An engineering plumbing systems course familiarizes students with codes and regulations.

Air-Tro has built its reputation on quality and craftsmanship when installing heating and cooling systems.

Our indoor air quality technicians can figure out precisely what is wrong with your indoor air quality, and how best to go about resolving the problem.

We also offer complete indoor air quality and commercial HVAC services.

Our specialties are residential and commercial air conditioning and heating systems, also known as HVAC systems.

Students can also learn about environmental control systems, electrical wiring, and metal joining.

Through lectures and lab courses, students learn about elements of air conditioning, air handling equipment, refrigeration cycles and systems, heat transfer components and psychometric instruments.

Students learn through lectures and hands-on labs. Lectures and lab courses prepare students for entry-level work as HVAC-R technicians.

The certificate program takes one to two years to complete and teaches students about HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) technology.

Orange Coast College, located in Costa Mesa, has an HVAC-R program that prepares students to take EPA certification exams and seek careers as refrigeration mechanics or heating/air conditioning technicians.

San Joaquin Delta College, with locations in Stockton, Mountain House and Manteca, offers a heating, air conditioning: refrigeration program that teaches students to repair and install heating and cooling systems.

Welcome to Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc.! In other words, it indicates the electrical input that is needed to run the air conditioner over a season, compared to the amount of cooling that it generates in a real-time environment.

With that in mind, it only makes sense that you take every step possible in order to ensure that your air conditioner is functioning at peak performance and efficiency levels. Nathan was very punctual and quickly fixed our air conditioner.

Students can earn certificates of achievement in commercial air conditioning, air conditioning technology, mechanical and electrical systems or heating and duct systems.

Along with air duct cleaning, our company offers insulation installation and replacement, duct installation, maintenance and repair, dryer vent cleaning, furnaces/AC installation and replacement, and residential attic cleaning services.

A good installation is beneficial, but you’re going to need regular maintenance and prompt repairs if you want your systems to operate to their full potential. After our discussion, the contractor was convinced that he was in violation of his agreement and he agreed to return all money to the homeowner, and make all needed repairs.

Old Republic Home Warranty will send a contractor from the ones they use to assess the situation. Home Maintenance Calendar and Checklist – Monthly checklists for home maintenance.

We also offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services. That is why no matter if you turn to us for a minor residential repair or a major commercial maintenance, we will work quickly and efficiently to ensure short downtime of your installations.

Often both types of programs require students to complete the same set of major courses, though associate-level programs typically integrate additional studies in general education topics.

Both programs offer the same major-related courses, but students must also complete general education courses to earn the degree, which requires 60 units.

The two-year associate degree program includes the same courses as the certificate but also requires general education courses. Call now and have your problem resolved the very same day.

Many programs are designed for adult learners, and day and evening schedules are provided. One of the state’s largest community colleges, Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) is located in Walnut and offers an air conditioning and refrigeration technology program that includes day and evening classes.

They will also need to attend classes on basic electrical work and plumbing.

Hello TexBiz. It sounds like you experienced a Plumbing Horror Story! Course topics include basic electrical for HVAC-R, pneumatic controls, refrigeration service, non-residential A/C refrigeration controls and computer use in air conditioning and refrigeration technology.

Course topics include basic refrigeration, electrical applications, air conditioning fundamentals, heating technologies, and HVAC customer service.

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