Residential AC Units & SEER Ratings, What Do They Mean? Older units typically have a 7 or 8 SEER rating, which is extremely low compared to today’s standards.

Once you have an understanding of the basics, you’ll be given information concerning the different types of air conditioning systems.

At ECS we train our engineers through all areas of Air Conditioning Installation and we work between the smaller Residential Air Conditioning installation sector to large Commercial Air Conditioning installation in the public sector.

All work is done in-house, by our skilled team of electricians and HVAC technicians.

If you have any type of planted shrubbery around the unit to hide it from view, ensure that you have left plenty of space around it for the AC unit to work without obstruction. In some cases at an additional cost, we install acoustic noise-reducing housing, to deliver zero noise dB in the space.

The temperature was zero for several days when that zone froze, even though the freezing point depression test said that we were ok down to zero. We maintain 10 – 15° Freeze protection that’s about -15 – 0°f burst point.

When shopping for a new AC unit for your home or office, SEER is a measurement which AC contractors will often refer to about various AC units.

SEER stands for “seasonal energy efficiency ratio.” Essentially it is how efficient your new unit will be after installation.

Our engineers have over 40 years of experience in the Air Conditioning Installation field, in central London and its surrounding towns.

A programmable thermostat can reduce the cost of central air conditioning if you. A nice variety of types of air conditioning systems can be used in overall HVAC system design.

We handle all types of ac repairs. System types such as direct expansion, chilled water, split, and window air conditioners are described in detail in the resources referenced below.

These differences are discussed in detail so you will be able to make a decision between the two, and just so you have an understanding of what these two types of systems are.

These calculations are described in complete detail in the articles below and sample calculations are given to help you achieve the fullest understanding of how to make the calculations properly possible.

A project manager will be able to give a solution, even where it may not normally be possible to fit an outdoor condensing unit.

I made sure to size my solar install sufficiently that I can run my AC/Heatpumps with no impunity, not that they even run much since my home is well insulated.

If you are not confident about which size will be a better fit, just consult professionals with prior experience of air conditioning installation in Manhattan.

The principles of HVAC design include the basic theory of system operation and the factors that determine the size and capacity of the equipment installed in the system.

Old mechanical water systems installed during the original construction of your building require more than just a basic AC service.

Mar Commercial Construction Cost Per Square Foot.

Our commercial mechanical engineers with water flow metering tools are waiting for your call! Strainers need regular cleaning and water flow rates need balancing throughout the system.

At ECS all of our engineers have undergone intensive training in the latest water flow balancing techniques and digital tools.

Our technicians continue intensive factory training to remain current with increasingly sophisticated products and technology.

When upgrading a current HVAC system or getting ready to build a new system in a residential or commercial building, one of the most important design considerations is correctly calculating the heating and cooling loads that the system will support.

As with all Air Conditioning Installation projects, different methods of install and design will be needed.

While these rebates or plans may not offset the cost of the installation immediately, an efficient solar panel system is definitely a cost-saving feature for your home.

Solar technology is continually advancing, becoming cheaper and more efficient, and home solar kits are becoming more readily available and affordable.

Many carmakers like Chevrolet and Tesla have already started offering high-mileage EV’s in the form of Bolt and Model 3 respectively who provide a mileage of more than 200 miles per single charge.

Not a problem, we also supply small single fan outdoor Air Conditioning Systems.

Numerous manufactures let you indulge in luxury with a single touch of a button.

However, there are those times when your air conditioner will let you down right at the time you need it most.

However, air conditioning systems can easily break down without proper maintenance, leading to costly repairs, as well as time and energy spent.

These ratings introduce: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) value in cooling and Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) value in heating. It will be the suggested efficiency for your climate.

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