Think of your thermostat as your control center, the brain of your entire air conditioning system. We think you should call Brilliant Electric Heating and Cooling. Call Madd Air Heating & Cooling today. Many people do not give much thought to the central heating system. The more people in a given room or building, the warmer it is inside, so houses with more occupants might need a more powerful AC unit than homes with just a single resident. Private homes also usually have fewer exterior doors and windows that let warm air and sunlight in and cool air out in the summertime. If your home doesn’t receive much direct sunlight and is well-insulated with properly sealed windows and exterior doors, a unit on the lower end of that range would likely suffice. Several other factors also influence indoor temperatures, including ceiling height, trees shading the home, the age of your home, sunlight streaming in through windows and seals on exterior doors, among other variables. Some notable partners include Google Home, Amazon Alexa, August Smart Lock and IFTTT. If you’ve never given your air conditioning unit a little elbow grease, then you have a problem, or at least you will eventually for sure!

You may feel a bit overwhelmed by the different choices you have for upgrading your thermostat. After a minute or so, you should feel the heat rising. Even body heat can make a difference in how hard your air conditioner will have to work to cool your home. Your air conditioner is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you have in your Phoenix home. The industry standard for how long an air conditioner should last is an average of 10 to 15 years, although properly maintained AC systems can last far longer—up to 20 years or more. In areas with subtropical environments, owners may see shorter life spans because their AC systems are used consistently and have the added burden of combatting excessive moisture in the air. Let’s face it, we don’t always have the time or skill to perform our own repairs, tune-ups, and maintenance. An HVAC maintenance plan is the best way to keep your system running smoothly at all times as well as avoid expensive AC repairs.

In addition, air conditioners that are larger than your home requires don’t control humidity as well as a properly-sized system. Having a maintenance plan in place will offer you continuous performance-security as well as quick repair service if an issue were ever to arise (although unlikely when cared for by a professional on a scheduled basis). When faced with AC problems you will most likely need professional help and who better to call than Hughes Air? Therefore, you should hire a professional company for air-condition installation. Therefore, if your home is 2,400 square feet, an AC unit that is between three and four tons would likely be a good choice for cooling your space both effectively and efficiently. If you’re wondering what AC unit you’ll need for a home that’s 2,400 square feet, or for any specific square footage, you’ll find that the most commonly used calculation is actually relatively straightforward. But that still means you’re paying more for each kilowatt you use.

But, “if you can just take the thermostat data, and start telling people there might be something wrong with their AC unit, or you’re starting to see degradation — that’s pretty interesting,” Habib said. Private residences tend to need less powerful AC systems than office buildings and commercial spaces, since they are usually smaller and typically have fewer people inside at any given time. For all of these reasons, it’s important to know what size air conditioning system you need before you make a decision about which unit to purchase and have installed. It’s important. If you still have an older analog style thermostat, you definitely need to upgrade to something with more control, like a digital thermostat for instance. Remember, in addition to helping avoid problems like frozen systems, proper air conditioning system maintenance can also help your unit run more efficiently, which may help hold down your cooling costs.


Without simple maintenance here and there, your AC unit is bound to malfunction, costing you time, money, and comfort. The Trane Humidifier from Brilliant adds the moisture necessary for comfortable living.However, it isn’t just for your comfort alone, dry air can damage your home causing woodwork to crack and putting “static cling” into your clothes. Make sure your outdoor unit is free of overgrown vegetation causing strained air-intake. It’s important to make sure your AC system is clean and clear of any buildup or debris at all times to ensure optimal performance. If you are in the market for a new unit or need to make a decision about whether your current system needs to be replaced, you’ll probably wonder about the average service life of air conditioners. If you install an AC unit that’s too large, it will cycle on and off frequently, placing undue wear and tear on the unit’s components and shortening the unit’s life span. If you install an AC that’s too small, it won’t be powerful enough to cool your living space effectively. If there’s not enough cool air blowing out of your air conditioner’s vents, check the air filter first.

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