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But while companies may hire professional writers to plant stilted reviews, consumers don’t have much to gain by telling the truth about a bad product, and they almost never speak with an air of expertise about what their discussing.

Additionally, the annual electricity savings (using this scenario) would avoid the equivalent of one South Carolina nuclear plant , and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 51,221 cars off the roads.

It is possible to set up a loan with their Handshake Plus program within one business day.

In many cases, it is possible to get a zero-interest loan for a year. Of course, she pointed out that it is possible to open a credit line with a high credit limit, but only use a portion of it. If so, a Carrier HVAC repair technician will first use a voltage meter to assess voltage supply and then check your fuse box or switchboard panel for blown fuses or tripped switches.

If your air conditioner kicks on and then shuts off before it moves cool air through your home, it may be shutting off prematurely because it isn’t receiving proper voltage.

Fixed monthly payments so you can responsibly budget for your air conditioning repairs.

199, they will also service the loan, collecting monthly payments until the loan is paid off. 99, Virgin Money will provide loan documents that both of you can sign. Streamlined application process means you can be approved in as little as 24 hours and have your money within a day or two. Kevin Stralo of Quality Air in Quakertown, Pennsylvania said financing approvals for air conditioning clients usually come through in as little as twenty-four hours.

Mr. Krajsa, the CEO, said their rates for energy-efficient heating and cooling systems are subsidized by the state of Pennsylvania. 5. But the best financing for Quality Air’s Pennsylvania clients comes from AFC First.

Quality Air also offers financing through Home Depot, who often hires Quality Air as a subcontractor to install air conditioning systems for Home Depot customers. Hearth provides much-needed financing assistance for air conditioning systems. 3. If your heating/cooling system has been damaged in a natural disaster, and you’re not covered by an insurance policy, contact FEMA, as you may be eligible for assistance.

If you’re 62 or older and low-income, the United States Department of Agriculture offers grants and long-term, low-interest loans to fund various home improvements, including the repair or purchase of an air conditioner.

But because other states don’t subsidize the rates, they’re much higher than those available in Pennsylvania, around 12 to 13 percent. AFC First offers financing in fifteen states in all, “from Virginia to Maine,” he said. After all, many financing programs focus solely on AC financing for good credit.

Laura Weiner, a loan officer with Wells Fargo, said interest rates depend on many factors, such as the applicant’s credit rating and the amount of equity in his or her house.

Even in cases where a relative is willing to loan you money with no interest, it can be worthwhile to formalize the agreement with a written contract. Quality Air, like most cooling system contractors, doesn’t loan money directly to customers.

Quality Air offers financing through CitiFinancial or GE Merchant Finance, while Chas Roberts uses American General Financing.

Energy efficiency has been part of the American lexicon since 1978 when the Energy Policy Act was first enacted.

Dean Lane of Chas Roberts Air Conditioning and Heating in Phoenix said his clients usually get approved the same day as well, although during the busiest part of the summer response time can be a bit slower. 150,000 can get unsecured loans with a fixed rate as low as 6.375 percent for ten years as part of a state program called Keystone Home Energy Loan Program, or Keystone HELP.

Higher-income homeowners can still qualify for loans under this program, but their interest rates will be 5 percent.

If you don’t live in a state with a special energy efficiency loan program, your cheapest option may be to borrow against the equity in your home.

Another problem with borrowing on your home is that you may not be able to take out a small loan if you only need a few thousand dollars. 10,000, the Internal Revenue Service may require that a minimal amount of interest be charged.

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How much does air conditioning repair usually cost?

Some air conditioning contractors charge a fee of as much as 5% for credit card transactions, driving up the cost of your repairs.

Energy efficiency is more than just a buzz term used by proponents of the green movement; it’s a concept that, when applied to central air conditioning units, can dramatically reduce your electric bills during the summer.

But while implementing window units and fans might offer an immediate cooling solution, it’s important to remember that they aren’t a long term cooling solution; at least, not as far as your electric bill is concerned.

The reason many people are looking into regular and mini split units is because these days people look harder when they are looking to buy or upgrade a home.

If your old AC unit stops working due to standard wear-and-tear, your home insurance won’t help pay to replace it; however, AC units are susceptible to damage and accidents, and in that case, your homeowner’s insurance might cover the cost.

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