However like said above a shorted element could possibly cause overheating. Operating a malfunctioning system can cause extensive damage, and even unfixable breakdowns. Mr. Herrera was informed that in order to qualify for the free service, his system must be operating properly (as also stated on the LADWP web site).

Smart thermostat: A smart thermostat “learns” from your settings in order to develop the most energy efficient program on its own. And it’s a problem that can not only increase your energy bills by reducing cooling efficiency, but can also put your AC system through excess stress and wear-and-tear. Maintain the longevity of your system with our experts at Frederick & Sons LLC. Unfortunately, due to project limitations, we went with another type of system that Reliable AC did not carry, but I hope to work with Eli in the future on a project requiring a more conventional HVAC system.

They are typically more accurate and more responsive than older systems. As always, we are committed to taking excellent care of our customers’ needs year round. Most importantly, our 1 year old is comfortable and very, very happy! Unfortunately, businesses are vulnerable to fake, mistaken, and false reviews. I was reading all the other negative reviews on Yelp and all is see is Karen responding “fake review ” and picking fights on Yelp? We explained that these are the guide lines of the program regardless of who he speaks to, he hung up with anger and rushed to vent on YELP. Yelp does not verify or filter the reviews or provides an equal opportunity for businesses to add photos as proof to back up our side of the story just like the Yelpers can. 10 filter. Contact them while their technician was here and the lady who answered the phone didn’t offer any help. When it was all said and done, our A/C felt the coldest it has ever been since we moved here 5 years ago.

Here at General Air, we strive to perform AC repairs while keeping costs as low as possible. And it can lead to more costly repairs. Nexia’s diagnostic service could make repairs quicker and cheaper. Was told would be given price once they check the air unit if it needed service. Told them to invoice me then they just emailed my landlord stating they have tried reaching me for payment which was not true.

When I called to ask if a technician was coming she flipped out over the phone and in her defense she told me “I have other people on hold”. I highly recommend Reliable A/C & Heating to anyone looking for honest, great people. Our customers always choose us for their heating and air conditioning needs.

HVAC.com’s air conditioning inspection checklist shows you exactly what is involved in an air conditioner tune up.

A frozen air conditioner can leave you and your household in an uncomfortable situation on a hot day. I have been using Reliable for about 10 years and feel so lucky to have found an honest, caring and accommodating company that I can trust and I know have my back. When you need air conditioner repair, you can trust that AC by J will resolve the problem the first time, every time. He got upset and asked to speak to someone else because they can help him get the free service. I even asked if I could speak with someone else and she said no. I was supposed to get a confirmation call a day prior to my service and nothing. You can also apply the low-emissivity film on the larger windows that have a reflective nature and will not allow UV rays to get through the windows and reduce the heating. We have been serving the Dallas area since 1957, and our technicians will get to the bottom of your AC problems quickly.

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