We like to bring this up because every year there are new, more efficient and effective thermostats that can help you achieve the temperatures you desire.

Incredibly helpful & informative, will come back here for more normal needs! Here are the top four times you’ll want to call a repair service.


Is it time to call someone to see if you need to get an HVAC repair?


We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an educated decision while saving you time and money.

All of a sudden, the heat starts to make a clicking noise when you turn it on.

When your thermostat malfunctions, it may not turn on the heat or AC at the proper times, or the fans may not blow at all.

From worn-out batteries, to miscalibrations, to malfunctions, to just simple broken thermostats, these systems can be a nightmare and end up costing you money on wasted energy.


Proper maintenance will also maximize the operating efficiency to save you money on your utility bills.


Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Experts can handle the heating repair in place, they will  take care of any thermostat problems you have, as well as any malfunctions in your HVAC system.

You need to take care of your thermostat so you have the best climate control possible in your home.

If you’ve got a problem with the pilot control or ignition, your air won’t heat up.

West LA Heating & Air Conditioning.

See a list of brands of furnaces our heating contractors service here, then contact one of our seasoned experts to discuss the options that make sense for you and your budget.

Once you make an informed decision on the kind of Thermostat Replacement that is fit for you, you will realize that it is not as complex as you had imagined.

If the Thermostat Replacement is in regard to your home, then it is important that our experts assist you with the installation.

The Thermostat Replacement can be done through simple to follow instructions that our experts will guide you whats the best way to handle.


Our service experts can also help you set up regularly scheduled maintenance inspections to ensure your furnace is functioning at its best and to reduce the probability of problems in the future.

One of the main problems with HVAC systems malfunctioning is a clogged or dirty filter.


Do you suspect your thermostat to be the culprit of your heating problems?


At Thermostat Replacement Guys, highly experienced and trained personnel will handle various issues relating to your replacement thermostat.

Contact us should you have with either your auto thermostat or the home Thermostat Replacement.



Thermostat Replacement Guys provides the ideal replace thermostat for your overheating car whose check lights refuse to turn off or whose heater is off.

Replacing a thermostat is therefore one of the main requirements for old, defective auto thermostat in your car.

If your furnace is more than 10 years old, you may want to consider upgrading to a new high efficiency model.

When turning on the heat, if the fans kick on but the air that comes out of your vents isn’t warm, you may have a problem with your pilot light.

In other instances, the thermostat may power cycle your HVAC system, which leads to poor temperature control.


Because the thermostat senses temperature, it’s placement in your home is crucial for it to record accurate readings and provide precision control over the HVAC system. If your return is somewhere you can’t reach (in a cathedral ceiling, etc)

it’s important to call someone out to do an HVAC repair and replace it for you.


With a central heater and AC, it’s important for the thermostat to sense the average temperature of a home to provide accurate information to the HVAC system.

By setting the temperature, it tells the entire system when to turn it on and off.

This will turn into a vicious cycle, since the heater and AC will run inaccurately, leading to the thermostat recording further erroneous readings.

air conditioner outside the house

Payne furnace that wouldn’t turn on.

This is most likely to happen when installing the thermostat at your home and other installations like the furnace and the air conditioner are on.

They are meant to filter out all the dust, dirt, pet hair, and all the other stuff that you don’t want circulating through your air system.


An auto thermostat will be required to ensure the engine maintains a constant temperature desirable for effective flow of coolant in the car system.

Picture yourself driving a car through frosty conditions such that the engine coolant cannot flow from the engine to the radiator.

Once you notice that the engine is overheating, the heater malfunctions or the check engine lights stays on.


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